Would You Like To Discover The INSIDER SECRETS, As Revealed By A Government-Cleared Ethical Hacker, That You Can Deploy To Protect Yourself, Your Family And Business From Online Threats?

(You Can Start Using These Secrets TODAY To Build Cyber Resilience From Inside Out WITHOUT Being An IT Expert)

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Dangers of the Internet


Got Hacked?


Got Privacy?


Got ISU?

In this current digital age, where desired information can be easily gotten and accessible from anywhere at any time, data privacy and protection are facing great risk.


Introducing Internet Safety University Cyber Awareness Course


Master the Skills to Protect Your Family and Business


Taught by one of the foremost “Ethical Hackers” in the industry, Internet Safety University Cyber Awareness Course provides you with the right training and hands-on experience that will help you to spot vulnerability, fend off attacks, and respond to cybersecurity emergencies.


The Internet Safety University Cyber Awareness Course Includes…

    • Strategies that you can start using today to protect your online personal information

    • Dangers of social media and how it can be used against you

    • HIDDEN information about you that is shared online- it’s most likely you didn’t even know this information existed

    • What you NEED to do before, during and after a ransomware attack- this is a formula that you need to learn because no one (not even the police) will save you if you get infected

    • Dangers of fake profiles and how to spot and report them

    • How you can avoid phishing emails that can have you hacked and spied on

    • How you will be able to keep current with the latest criminal tactics - this will help you to avoid getting hacked or scammed

    • The best and affordable technology that you can use to protect your computer and mobile devices WITHOUT being an IT expert.

    The best and affordable technology that you can use to protect your computer and mobile devices WITHOUT being an IT expert.


    • Strategies you can use to prevent and protect your kids from cyberbullying and cyber extortion

    • VERY IMPORTANT: Tricks used by internet predators to groom and lure your children and teens into social vices such as prostitution

    • Monitoring tools and techniques that you can use to safeguard your children online- these work irrespective of their ages

    • Watch over my shoulder as I teach you the “insider secrets” that you can use to protect yourself, your family and your business from the cyber threats that you face every day.

    That’s not all…

    …you’ll also learn, as I show you step by step…

    How To Know If You Have Been Hacked In 4 Minutes!

    Who Am I And Why Should You Trust Me?                   

    My name is Terry Cutler. I’m a Cybersecurity Expert and a Certified Ethical Hacker.


    For the past 14 years, I’ve been enlightening corporations and individuals about how they can avoid internet scam and other forms of cyber frauds. I’ve developed the expertise to teach cybersecurity in layman’s language so that you can easily understand what cybersecurity entails.


    The brands in the image to the left rely on me!


    I believe that prevention and parent-child communication are the most effective ways to protect our children from online hackers, scammers and predators intend on victimizing and exploiting their innocence. My goal is to help parents acquire the knowledge and practical skills to protect their family- this is as important to me as teaching our children to read and write."

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